LDC Top 50 2020

The LDC Top 50 2020 - Champions of Ambition

Our third annual search for the Top 50 began shortly before COVID-19 struck the UK; it was uncertain whether the awards could - or should - go ahead. But, once again, the sheer number and calibre of the leaders nominated confirmed that British ambition is alive and well. We received an incredible 350 nominations, and it’s never been more difficult to choose just 50.

Meet The LDC Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders 2020

This year’s Top 50 business leaders have defied the odds in the face of extreme adversity. They hail from every corner of the country and collectively contribute more than £1bn to the UK economy, employing more than 5,250 people. Here you can read their inspiring stories of ambition, endeavour, innovation and resilience as they are revealed in The Daily Telegraph each week.

Meet our first ten ambitious business leaders. From the founder of a collagen drink looking to grow her business internationally, to the CEO of a company harnessing the power of light to measure climate change gasses from space, to the leader of one of the UK’s fastest growing creative communications agencies. Each of them prove that the pandemic hasn’t curbed the ambition of the UK mid-market.

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Meet our second group of ambitious business leaders. From the founder of a body positive and inclusive tights manufacturer, to a cobbler who has made sustainable shoes with the same range of movement as if the wearer were barefoot, to an engineer who has developed uninterruptable power systems. These leaders continue to adapt and evolve their companies in changing times.

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Meet the third group of ten ambitious business leaders. These include a street food seller revolutionising lunch with burritos, samosas and naansters, an entrepreneur looking to bring IT support services to every corner of the globe, and a former doctor helping people get the long-term support they need. These leaders are excelling in their fields and continue to go for growth no matter the economic backdrop.

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Meet our final ten ambitious business leaders of 2020. They are building resilient innovative firms and driving the UK economy through difficult times. From the founder of a disruptive healthy snack brand to the leader of a distance learning business offering more than 650 courses, to an entrepreneur who has turned his passion for motorcycles into a successful business.

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There can be only 50 Most Ambitious Leaders – but the sheer volume of exceptional entries this year means that we have an exciting and dynamic ‘Ones to Watch’ category. These are the leaders behind tomorrow’s mid-sized firms, growing innovative and resilient businesses that are making a big impact on their customers and target markets. These business leaders will be the nation’s principal job creators over the years to come, generating growth and prosperity for the British economy.

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Jane Asscher

Founding Partner & CEO, 23red

Pippa Begg & Jennifer Sundberg

Co-Chief Executives, Board Intelligence

Oliver Breach, James D Marshall & David Mullett

Founders, Pupil

Deepa (Dee) Bulsara

Managing Director, OceanSaver

Mike Callender

Chairman, REPL Group

Juliette Denny

Managing Director, Growth Engineering

Robert Elliott

Founder & CEO, Zinc Network

Michael Frisby

Managing Director, Cobweb Solutions

Michael Gietzen 

Group Managing Director, Identity

David Grimes

Founder & CEO, Sorted Group

Dr. Tim Guilliams

Co-Founder & CEO, Healx

Ian Henderson 

Managing Director, Boiler Plan

Jamie Hinton

CEO, Razor

Zak Johnson

Founder, NAECO 

Gareth Jones

CEO, Global Go!

Praveen Karadiguddi

Founder & CEO, Scrumconnect

Gareth Lewis

Co-founder & Chief Executive, Delio

Amanda Lowe

Founder & Managing Director, Story Comms

Iain McClune

Founder, Whisky Auctioneer

Matt Murphy

CEO, Genba Digital

Vlad Nanu & Andy Rogers

Co-CEOs, Amdaris

Jonathan Petrides

Founder & CEO, allplants 

Richard Proud & Alun Rogers

Co-Founders, risual

Adam Pye

Managing Director, John Pye Auctions

Prof Mark K. Smith

CEO, ContactEngine

Melissa Snover

Founder & CEO, Nourished

Richard Strongman

Managing Director, Harvest Fine Foods

Gregory Sutch

CEO, Intralink

Andrew Talbot

CEO, Custom Gateway

Stuart Thomson

Managing Director, Medovate

Francis Toye

Founder & CEO, Unilink

Paramjit Uppal

CEO, AND Digital

Mike Woods

CEO, Konsentus

Mark Wright

Director, Climb Online