Business acquisitions

If you’re looking to carry out a business acquisition or continue a buy and build strategy, private equity can help. LDC can assist you to identify, acquire and integrate complementary businesses.

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When we chose to partner with LDC as our private equity backer, we were looking for a team with experience of working in our sector, but also one committed to supporting our acquisition strategy. The team at LDC ticked both boxes and delivered on their promises.”

Matthew Parker, CEO

International Expansion

Whether you’re interested in forging new international partnerships, increasing your exports, acquiring an international business or establishing a new overseas office, LDC can help.

We’ve helped several UK businesses expand overseas over the past forty years and we can help you identify the partners that are right for you.

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Our partnership with LDC has both transformed our business and supercharged our growth. They backed our ambition to expand internationally and invested in our technology development, helping us to meet our objectives sooner than expected despite the uncertainty in the market.”

Colin Smith, Executive Chairman

Organic Growth

While your business may already be growing, private equity can help accelerate it. Whether you’re looking to expand into new markets, invest in new products or find new premises, private equity can help speed up the process.

LDC are here to support you over the long-term, so growth is sustainable, even during challenging times. Think of it as your business, only better.

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LDC have been a great supporter of our group and their investment and backing has been shown in the growth we have seen under their tenure. We’re now in a market leading position, with a more diverse portfolio, and better-invested manufacturing facilities and we are looking forward to the next stage of our journey.”

Deborah Bolton, CEO
Addo Food Group

Business improvements

Make positive improvements to your business with the help of private equity. You could choose to work with LDC’s Value Creation Partners (VCP), a team of strategic experts, to help identify and support the delivery of improvements to your operations.

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The knowledgeable LDC team were excellent in helping us identify how we could drive a significant increase in our web sales. We’ve completely revitalised one of our sales channels.”

Yann Le Bouedec, Commercial Director

Prepare for an IPO

For many businesses, being listed on the stock is a long-term goal. If that’s the case for your business, then private equity can be an important stepping stone.

LDC have a helped a number of businesses on their path to an IPO, and we can provide your company with the same support.

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When we took on private equity, we started thinking: what next? An IPO was the natural step.”

Tim Warrillow, Co-founder and CEO

To find out more about private equity in general and how it could support your business ambitions, visit our ‘What is Private Equity?’ page or get in touch with your local LDC team.