Strategic buy and build expertise

You know your market and likely potential acquisition targets – but in addition to the funding, the integration of other companies into your business and the transaction itself requires specialist M&A expertise.

With £100m available to each company we invest in, we provide follow-on funding to help your management team to make strategic acquisitions happen. Our broader team can also provide extra support with integration.

The most effective way to achieve growth for Equiom was to increase client numbers and jurisdictional reach via acquisitions, which has been achieved with the invested support of LDC.”
Sheila Dean, Executive Chair
Equiom Group

Supporting you to grow

LDC’s support can prove pivotal in your growth journey as you build scale and gain market share. Over 1/3 of LDC’s current portfolio businesses are deploying acquisition-based strategies – many of them are delivering these strategies at pace.

These acquisitions are helping our partners accelerate regional or international expansion, increase their scale or diversify their products and services.