Paladone is the UK’s market-leading designer, innovator and supplier of gifting products.

Investment type
  • Development capital


Exit type
  • Private equity sale
Exit date

November 2021

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LDC has given us the confidence to make decisions as bold as our ambitions and pushed us in exciting new directions we would have been reluctant to explore without the support of an experienced investor.”

Yann Le Bouedec, Commercial Director

Unlocking digital sales channels

With LDC’s support, Paladone has also grown and diversified its customer base. Since 2018, it has added more high street retailers to its portfolio while significantly increasing its digital presence with the help of LDC’s Value Creation Partners, particularly through Amazon.

Paladone’s online sales now account for more than a quarter of its revenues, up from 12 per cent in 2018.

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LDC’s Value Creation Partners have also helped us to enhance our online sales channels to take advantage of the changing dynamics of retail. We are now well positioned to support an increasingly diverse set of bricks and mortar retailers and reach more customers directly online.”

Yann Le Bouedec, Commercial Director

In November 2021, LDC exited its investment in Paladone to Canadian private equity firm IVEST Consumer Partners.