Hill Biscuits is one of the UK’s leading biscuit manufacturers, producing over 30 million biscuits each week for the retail and foodservice markets.

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  • Management buyout
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LDC Team
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Hill Biscuits worked closely with the LDC team to deliver substantial savings through updating our supplier model.”

Brendon Banner, Finance Director
Hill Biscuits

Creating value through collaboration

Part of the partnership with LDC involved the support of its Value Creation Partners team to support Hill Biscuits’ improvement strategy.

Hill’s management team found that it was spending over £500,000 each year on packaging as a result of having over 100 product lines and producing over 30 million biscuits a week for the retail and foodservice markets.

Through close collaboration with LDC, Hill reduced the number of product lines, reduced costs via value engineering and established a broader list of suppliers.

As a result, LDC has helped the management team deliver nearly £100,000 savings on annual packaging spend, simplify its product packaging range and introduce a multi-supplier model to provide more flexible and resilient network of sources.