Taking your business public

LDC has supported some of the most successful private equity-backed IPOs of recent years. We have more experience than any other mid-market private equity house in helping mid-sized businesses grow into successful public companies.

I’ve dreamt of an IPO my whole life. I looked at it in 2014 but we weren’t quite ready. Last year, we were ready and when we floated, LDC remained a shareholder because they like the business.”
Debbie Bestwick MBE, Founder and CEO

Supporting you through the process

It’s not easy to prepare your business to be listed on the stock market. To be suitable for going public, a business needs to demonstrate consistency in performance both now and into the future – steady profitability and a predictable rate of growth. You must be confident that there is a clear path to scale the business and grow its revenues and that the sector in which you operate has strong growth potential. LDC can help you navigate this high-pressure process.

To find out more about how private equity can support your business growth ambitions, visit our ‘What is Private Equity?’ page or explore our case studies below.