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Securing the support of a private equity partner makes your business grow up and reach a new level. The whole process put us into a different league.”

Will Linley, CEO
Linley & Simpson

How have you delivered your acquisitive strategy with LDC?

We have consolidated our original region, which is the north and west of Yorkshire, becoming the market leader. We’re now moving into new territories, like Hull and Sheffield and we are also about to break out of our Yorkshire heartland. I think, over the lifetime of this business, we have made 48 acquisitions, which is extraordinary – and we have several more in the pipeline right now.

What advice would you give to anyone considering private equity?

The process is really intense and you need to be prepared for that. You think you know your business well, but as an owner-manager, the degree of scrutiny really tests that.

However, the process is also extremely helpful, both for planning and for future deals. Your business grows up, to put it bluntly, and your management information, reporting, compliance, it all reaches a whole new level. The whole process put our business into a different league.

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