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Recognising we could help on a global scale, the team created codes for different countries and areas to ensure that everyone, everywhere had access to high-quality educational materials.”

Jonathan Seaton
Founder and CEO, Twinkl

Organic soap-maker Emma Heathcote-James appeared in the Top 50 in 2019. In just under a year, the size of her team at The Little Soap Company has doubled to 30, and sales are up 110pc. Emma says that the business benefited from people’s shift to be more hygienic to help prevent the spread of the virus. “We only manufacture in the UK so we were able to be responsive and had full control to meet the increased demand – which was huge. We’ve never experienced anything like it. We were fortunate to be able to help many retailers to fill gaps on shelves.” Emma had several new product launches planned for earlier this year, and they went ahead – with a few small tweaks. “Our eco non-plastic Travel Soap Box for holidays and the gym was also quickly reworded to become a “soap on the go box”, she says. “The effect? We have sold almost double of what we had forecast.”


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