Janette Martin took the reins of talent tech firm Talos360 in 2021 after an “accidental” job interview. “I thought I was just going in for a chat with the founders. I ended up becoming CEO,” says Janette, whose career spans Sage, Advanced Computer Software and IRIS.

In just over a year, she has rebranded the Warrington-based business, brought in her “dream” leadership team and nearly doubled headcount to 122. “My biggest passions are to work with great people, have fun and support their development,” she says. “At Talos360, I’m doing just that whilst also being a great mum and wife. I get to be ‘me’.”

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My biggest passion is to work with great people, have fun and support their development.”

Janette Martin
CEO, Talos360


What early influences shaped your career?

I grew up in Newcastle and was always taking the lead at school; I was head girl, prefect, sports captain. That’s what makes me tick. I studied accountancy at university but realised I just wasn’t suited to sitting behind a desk crunching numbers. I joined Sage in 1997 and thrived there. I saw women in leadership roles across the business and never once felt like my gender held me back. I started out in technical support and rose up the ranks to become general manager of Sage Outsource Services.

What motivates you in business?

I’m very passionate about helping everyone to develop. I grew up watching my Mam and Dad have successful careers in very different ways, and I just didn’t see any boundaries to career development. I want to cultivate this culture for everyone. Every person matters, and I keep in touch with as many people from previous roles as I can to provide that counsel and mentorship to them. I see everyone as the talent of the future, and this is such an important part of me and what I get a sense of satisfaction from. I love seeing people succeed.

Who is your role model?

In the technology sector, I haven’t met anyone more inspiring than Vin Murria, the founder of Advanced Computer Software. She’s incredibly energetic, business savvy and always treats everyone in the right way. She’s been a wonderful mentor to me.