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4x The businesses we’ve supported have grown 4x more than the national average in the last 10 years.
2600 New jobs created across our portfolio in the last 12 months.
37% Reduction of our financed emissions from our 2019 baseline.
>65 Towns and cities across the UK that LDC-backed operated from since 2014.
73% The average headcount increase during our partnership for businesses we’ve exited in the last decade.
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We have an important role to play at a critical time for the economy. Through our investment activity and portfolio support, we have the ability to positively influence the environmental, social and governance contribution of the businesses we back, which is a responsibility we take seriously.”

Toby Rougier, Chief Executive

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Boston Energy is a high-quality service provider in a sector that will play an essential role in the global transition towards net zero. We’re looking forward to supporting Julian, Mark and the rest of the team as they continue to drive the business forward in the years ahead.”

Dan Smith, Partner and Head of Yorkshire

Helping Our Portfolio to Grow Sustainably

We recognise that having strong ESG credentials is important for our portfolio companies, both in terms of doing the right thing but increasingly as a value driver. Right across the UK, we back ambitious management teams who are growing their businesses responsibly, having a positive impact on the environment and society. Here is how we can help:

  • We carry out ESG due diligence as standard for all new investments. Working with trusted ESG partners to identify key risks and value creation opportunities.

  • Using our in-house ESG Framework, we create a practical improvement plan. We refresh this annually to create a culture of continuous support.

  • We take advantage of our scale and experience to drive value. For example, supporting energy efficiency initiatives, installing renewables or helping with B Corp Certification.

  • We regularly share updates on new regulations and emerging ESG trends through events and communications to help keep our portfolio companies on the front foot.

  • Working with management teams throughout our partnership, our team of Value Creation Partners (VCP) can help to formularise their ESG improvements to maximise valuation on exit.

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Though there’s always more work to do, our workforce is becoming more diverse and this is good for both our people and our clients. It’s great to have LDC to partner with as we continue with our work in this area.”

Dan Mines, CEO

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LDC’s partnership with sustainability advisory firm Seismic

With businesses increasingly seeking ways of showcasing their ESG credentials, Alex Bexon, LDC’s ESG Director and Amy Bourbeau, Co-founder of sustainability advisory firm Seismic explain the role of B Corp and how LDC’s partnership with Seismic will support our portfolio companies pursuing the certification.

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LDC has a long-standing commitment to responsible investment, realising the intrinsic link between business impact and long-term growth and it has been a privilege to see the LDC ESG capabilities flourish over the last few years. I am excited to see how LDC will play an ever bigger role in securing prosperity for business and the wider environment.”

Paul Lewis, Co-Founder & CEO