As NHS waiting lists hit record highs, Dr Bippon Vinayak is poised to reinvent the delivery of UK healthcare. Vinayak, a consultant surgeon, started his first company, Doctors Chambers, in 1994, and his second, Bodycare Clinics, in 2007. Both became market leaders.

Now, he uses his unique mix of clinical expertise, entrepreneurship and knowledge of UK healthcare to run Windsor-based Square Health, the UK’s largest digital healthcare business providing virtual GP appointments for more than 4,000 corporate clients, insurers, the NHS and private patients.

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We want to take the UK healthcare system forward. That’s the legacy we’d like to leave.”

Dr Bippon Vinayak
Founder, Square Health


What are your growth plans for the business?

We have over £15 million on our balance sheet and we’re the only profitable company in the sector. We have already started to consolidate our market by acquiring key contracts, such as the Aviva contract from Now Healthcare Group in 2020, and we acquired Push Doctor in 2021 to enter the NHS and direct to consumer markets. We’re very confident that we’ll benefit from further consolidation in the sector and we plan to grow internationally. We have a very strong pipeline and expect to triple turnover in the next few years.

What’s your USP?

We have a strong track record of running successful healthcare businesses and have used our extensive experience to build clinical excellence into our service, creating the best-in-class digital healthcare platform. We always look to build long term strategic relationships with our key customers, as well as our clinicians, and we already have more than 600 doctors and clinicians working on our digital platform.

What are your tips on motivating a team?

 I’ve started three businesses from scratch and for me the key to motivating staff is to help them realise their full potential, ensure they know that they are valued members of our team and that they take pride in the important work we do in helping people to deal with their medical problems and adopt healthier lifestyles. Square Health employs and works with more than 200 staff, over 600 clinicians and about 150 software developers and all are equally important to our success.