“Climate change and the growing challenge of single-use plastic waste are intrinsically linked,” says serial entrepreneur David MacDonald. “But there are solutions to the problem.”

He’s leading global business Cullen, who can replace most single-use plastic packaging with a moulded fibre alternative within a month, has been supplying over one billion products to the NHS, major supermarkets, high street coffee shops chains and the world’s biggest retailers since 2020. MacDonald, who is passionate about reducing the global reliance on plastic, has created the world’s first Fibre Bottle. “Plastic is being found inside new-born babies’ hearts,” he says. “Sustainability is my whole focus and reason for being.”

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Single use plastic waste is a global issue and moulded fibre is the answer, the world needs our sustainable solutions.”

David MacDonald
CEO, Cullen Eco-Friendly Packaging


What’s unique about Cullen?

Our core USP is that we replace plastic packaging. We are the only company in Europe that can take most single-use plastic packaging and replace it within one month. Since 2020, we’ve made over a billion plastic-free products and shipped them to 34 countries. Our new patented Fibre Bottle biodegrades in 18 months – it’s a real global gamechanger. It will help us to grow revenues to £70 million within three years.

What drives you?

I know how much good we can do. We are a circular manufacturer, our closed loop recycling system collects the waste from the corrugated box side of the business to make the moulded fibre. Only nine per cent of plastic waste is recycled globally, so the world needs our sustainable solution. Anything that I do, I give it my all.

What are your international ambitions?

Our products are unique so customers find us from all over the world. We even ship to Chile, Singapore and South Africa. We are looking to open sites in the Middle East and North America to service demand in those markets. There is no limit to the amount of plastic we can replace with fibre.