David Lorenz founded Lunaz in 2018 with a vision to sustainably accelerate the global move to clean-air vehicles by unlocking the power of upcycling to transition diesel vehicles to electric. “When I was expecting my first child, I started thinking about how industry can improve outcomes for the next generation.”

From this, one of the UK’s fastest growing clean-tech companies was born. His Silverstone factory can convert 1,100 vehicles a year but he wants to take the service global. He says: “I want to do something impactful and I’ve gone full throttle into this industry.

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There are 2 billion vehicles on the planet. My ambition is to unlock the power of upcycling to transition them to clean-air powertrains sustainably.”

David Lorenz
Founder, Lunaz


How are you going to grow this business?

We work with progressive and ambitious companies who want to find more sustainable and economical ways to transition their fleets to clean-air powertrains. One of our customers is Biffa, who plans to transition a significant number of vehicles in their fleet  over the next seven years. We are focused on the UK right now but we want to do this around the world. We have great backing behind us, with investors including David Beckham and the Reuben and Barclay families. Together we can lower global emissions and accelerate the solution to the air quality crisis.

How do you get the best out of your people?

I give everyone a voice. I believe that each individual understands their own role better than management ever could, so it’s important to give them a platform. We also love taking on apprentices and upskilling within the business. That way, they live and breathe what Lunaz is all about. You are only as good as your team.

What drives you?

I call my daughter, Luna, every morning before school and before bedtime – she speaks to everyone in the company. The other day, she sang me a song: “Go green, go green, make the planet clean.” To hear that from a five-year-old is so impactful. She is why I’m doing this – that’s why I named the business after her.