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TXM Plant: Supporting investment in infrastructure

Management buyout helps team to capitalise on UK’s commitment to rail networks.

TXM Plant is the largest supplier of road / rail vehicles in the UK.

Deal type
  • Management buyout
The Team
LDC Team

TXM Plant is the largest supplier of road-rail vehicles in the UK, providing vehicles and their associated attachments to Network Rail and the major contractors involved in maintenance, track renewal and infrastructure projects. The vehicles can travel on both road and rail, easing works access.

Capitalising on investment

In May 2016, TXM Plant completed a management buyout, backed by LDC. The management team chose LDC to support its organic growth plans due to its strong track record and extensive knowledge.

The investment is allowing the business to invest in its fleet, capitalising on the UK’s investment in rail infrastructure, including electrification schemes.