Forest Holidays owns and operates secluded eco-cabins and treehouses on ten sites across Britain’s National Forests

Investment type
  • Management buyout
Exit type
  • Trade sale
Exit date

April 2022

Re-investment date

December 2017

The Team
LDC Team
Quote mark

I’m grateful for LDC’s long-term support and for backing our plans to continue to invest in our locations throughout the pandemic.”

Bruce McKendrick, CEO
Forest Holidays

Sykes shares Forest Holidays’ approach to sustainable tourism which strives to have a positive impact on the planet and local communities whilst providing memorable shared experiences for its customers. The combined business will be united by a common purpose to bring further benefits to nature, people and local communities.


Deal of the Year

Insider Midlands Dealmakers Awards 2022

Social Responsibility Management Team of the Year

Forest Holidays – Midlands BVCA Management Team Awards