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Eley Group: Supporting historic manufacturer

Private equity facilitates carve out from global engineering business IMI plc and supports diversification.


Eley is a global manufacturing leader based in the Midlands.

Deal type
  • Carve out

Eley Group was founded over 180 years ago and is a leading manufacturer based in the Midlands.

Providing accurate advice

In October 2014, we supported the management team to carve-out the business from IMI plc, with the significant investment dedicated to further the growth of the Midlands manufacturer.

The management team chose to partner with LDC due to the considerable support and expert guidance it was able to offer as the team set the necessary foundations to be a standalone business.

The deal provided further capital to help accelerate the continued growth of Eley, primarily through new product ranges and further penetration of the global marketplace.

New opportunities

Opening up new sales opportunities, Eley diversified into supplying athletes participating in the skiing and Biathlon – an event in the Winter Olympics.