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The business recognition we have achieved through our partnership with LDC has been phenomenal.”

Janette Martin, CEO

Why LDC?

In 2022, I was one of LDC’s Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders, so I got to know some of the team through that process. That was really useful, as I was able to understand LDC’s values and approach before I was really looking for an investor. When we started fundraising, I asked to speak to some of LDC’s portfolio CEOs – that’s my tip to anyone thinking about private equity, speak to investee companies who have completed 12 months with a backer.

What does LDC bring to the table besides capital?

It’s like having an extended team standing by whenever you need it. Dale Alderson and John Clarke from LDC are both my investment directors, and are wonderful sounding boards, and LDC also introduced me to my non-exec, Chris Herrmannsen. With Chris, I feel like I have someone who is entirely in our corner, and his industry experience and advice has been so valuable, he is a great asset to our business. One of the biggest things is the value brought by LDC’s marketing team. They genuinely seem to love my business as much as I do and are always finding opportunities for me to promote Talos360.

How will LDC help you to meet your future growth goals?

The business recognition we have achieved through our partnership with LDC has been phenomenal – it’s been so much more far reaching than I could have imagined. LDC is really supporting us on our growth journey. We are bringing new and innovative hiring and onboarding solutions to our customers and are very excited to have LDC support with our M&A goals.

“In our first year with LDC, we achieved some incredible successes.”