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Alex’s appointment will help us to continue to embed ESG into all of our activity and practices, as a company, an employer, and an investor.”

Toby Rougier
Chief Executive, LDC

Alex Bexon, ESG Director at LDC, added: “While many business leaders are keen to make progress towards contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive future, there’s a prevailing ambiguity around the practical steps they can take now to achieve this. I’m looking forward to working closely with LDC’s portfolio businesses to help them to deliver clear and bespoke strategies that they can measure and reflect on positively in the years to come.”

Over the last 40 years LDC has helped many mid-market companies to have a positive impact on the UK’s economic growth, employment and regional development. Since 2012, LDC has supported the creation of more than 10,000 jobs and the growth of its portfolio companies over the same period have contributed an additional £2.1bn to UK GDP. The firm is committed to investing in at least 100 mid-market business over the next five years.