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Dempster Opticians is a well-regarded optometrists in Peebles, having established a loyal customer base and reputation for high-quality customer service. Welcoming it into the Group is an exciting opportunity for us as we look to extend our footprint and bring our market-leading services to new communities across Scotland."

Frances Rus, Chief Executive
Duncan & Todd

“On partnering with LDC, the objective was to hit the ground running and identify quality practices that would fit well with the Duncan & Todd ethos of community-driven primary optical care. This has been a significant step for the business as we enter the next phase of our growth ambitions. With an investment partner on board, we are now well placed to make further acquisitions and roll out complementary healthcare services.”

Colin Bennett, investment director in Scotland at LDC, said: “Duncan & Todd’s first acquisition marks the management team’s intent and ability to pursue an active buy-and-build strategy, as they look to cement the business’ position as Scotland’s primary optometry service. With this immediate momentum, we look forward to continuing to support the business’ expansion.”