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At LDC, we understand the importance of supporting ambition. We’ve been backing the ambitions of British business leaders from across every region and sector of the UK economy since 1981. In the time, we’ve seen business leaders thrive and go for growth at every point in the cycle. It’s why we’re committed to investing £1.2bn into growing medium-sized businesses over the next three years to help ambitious business leaders to grow bigger, more sustainable businesses.”

Andy Grove, Head of New Business

The LDC Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders programme is a reminder of the scale of ambition and endeavour that this country has to offer. These stories of success have the potential to inspire other entrepreneurs, and encourage them to pursue their goals.

Over the next five days we will be profiling 50 inspiring business leaders and telling their tales of ambition. Read on to meet the first 10 from twins running a mixer brand going head to head with on the major players in the market, to two sets of brothers helping people travel the world.

Meet the Leaders here.