About Private Equity

Private equity helps you open up growth opportunities without losing control of your business. The combination of investment and support means private equity can help you achieve your ambitious growth plans, whether they’re international, organic or acquisitive, and there are many different reasons to choose private equity investment:

To support an ownership change:

  • Enabling an existing management team to increase their shareholding in the business they lead
  • Allowing other shareholders to divest – fully or partially
  • Opening up succession planning or retirement options

To help owners to de-risk because of a change in personal circumstances or plans:

  • Selling a minority shareholding to realise value while having the option to retain control

To create a journey to exit:

  • Wanting to exit but concern around selling to trade in the short-term
  • Private equity as a stepping stone to a full exit via trade sale or IPO

LDC Approach

  • We typically invest between £5m and £100m in each company we back, including follow-on funding after the initial investment.
  • We support our portfolio of 90 businesses with follow-on funding, typically to help them fund acquisitions as part of buy and build strategies.
  • We support businesses through the cycle and, thanks to our ownership structure, we’re better able to design flexible deal structures than many of our peers.
  • Our investments include minority or majority shareholdings, combined equity and debt structures, and solo or multiple investors.

Our Investment Criteria

  • An exceptional and committed CEO
  • UK-headquartered business in any sector
  • Clear and ambitious growth strategy
  • Track record of year-on-year growth
  • Profits (EBITDA) of at least £1m per year
  • Seeking £5m – £100m investment

Contact us to see if private equity could work for you and your business.