If you’re looking for business funding to take your organisation to the next level, it’s worth exploring your options. One way to finance and support business growth is private equity.

Why choose private equity?
There are many reasons to consider private equity and many different options to choose from. For example, it can enable ambitious management teams to take ownership of the growing businesses they run. Management buyouts like these are one of the most common forms of SME funding.

It can also help business leaders sell all or part of their business – giving them opportunity to step back, succession plan, explore their options and plan for the future.

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We chose a private equity partner because we didn’t want the business to be sold to trade as we had worked long and hard to build the brand.”

Terry Musson, Managing Director

Funding growth strategies

Funding for business growth can be used to realise a variety of ambitious growth strategies – whether they’re international, organic or acquisitive. If you’re looking to acquire another company or continue a buy and build strategy, private equity can help. Firms like LDC have the mergers & acquisitions experience to support you in identifying, acquiring, and integrating complementary businesses.

You may be looking to fuel your business expansion by moving into international markets. Private equity business growth funding can be used to create partnerships, increase your exports, acquire an international business or establish a new office overseas.

Private equity funding can also be used to accelerate organic business growth. Your business is already growing – a business growth fund can help you grow even quicker, while maintaining your unique culture. It could be finding new premises or developing new products. With the support of a private equity firm, you’ll be supported over the long-term, so growth is sustainable.

If business improvements are top of your agenda, growth funding can be a catalyst for positive change – bringing energy, focus and relevant experience to complement your team. For example, LDC offer businesses the chance to work with our Value Creation Partners, a team of strategic experts who can help identify and support the delivery of improvements to your operations.

You may also want to access SME funding to prepare your business for an IPO. If listing your business on the stock market is your dream, private equity can be an important stepping stone – or an alternative path in uncertain times.

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It’s not impossible to go straight to IPO but I would say that private equity gives you an understanding of what to expect and better prepares you for the journey.”

Tom Joule, Founder

Consider your options carefully

Business funding like private equity can help you open up growth opportunities without losing control of your business. Weigh up your options carefully and speak to as many trusted voices as possible. It’s an important step on your growth journey, so you need a partner you can trust.

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