Successful technology specialist Martin Port sold his last business in late 2009 and was back with a new venture just a year later. The Yorkshire entrepreneur created BigChange to help companies with mobile workforces manage staff, jobs and digitise their processes.

“I saw a massive gap in the market for this technology,” he says. “I was still young – only 50 – and I wanted to build a great team one more time.” Martin’s next move is to keep expanding into new geographies: “It keeps the product sharp because you’re up against different competitors in every market.” Martin believes BigChange could be a “unicorn” – worth £1bn – by 2024.


What is your personal ambition?

I have always wanted to control my own destiny. Being an entrepreneur is in my DNA; my father had his own business too. I am a decision-maker not a follower. I want to do things my way and have always had this hunger for success. It’s not the money, it’s the success. I also want to keep giving back. I am privileged to be growing this business but there are many people facing challenges, which is why we give a portion of profit to charities each year. This year, we’ll invest £300,000 in good causes.

What’s your proudest business achievement?

When we reached 1,000 customers across the UK, France, Australia and the US. I’m driven by the knowledge we have happy customers, who are seeing great value from our service. But I never let myself spend too long thinking about past successes. Every time something goes right, I want to know where the next customer or deal is coming from. I’m focused on the future.

How important is ambition to the UK economy?

Ambition creates employment and pays taxes. It is absolutely vital to the UK economy. It is ambition that will ultimately decide the UK’s standing in the world. At BigChange, we have an incredible mix of people; we have great spirit, and a strong work ethic. Ambitious small businesses are the future.

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Ambition creates employment and is absolutely vital to the UK economy. Ambitious small businesses are the future. And, it’s ambition that will ultimately decide the UK’s standing in the world.”

Martin Port, Founder

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