EMS Group Solutions is a provider mobile clinical solutions to the healthcare sector.

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We are an ambitious business with a clear mission to bolster our fleet and range of services. LDC is the perfect partner to help us to realise our full potential and meet the growing needs of healthcare providers and their patients.”

Keith Austin, Founder

A journey to net zero

Since partnering with LDC, the management team has been able to successfully accelerate
the integration of ESG into its business model – helping the business grow sustainably and support its transition to a low-carbon economy.

With the help of LDC’s ESG assessment – which all LDC portfolio companies benefit from – EMS identified smart ways of reducing its environmental impact without losing commercial and strategic focus.

Completing a life-cycle assessment of its mobile medical units and vehicles, EMS identified emissions hotspots across the value chain. EMS’s first self-drive solar powered unit came into service last year and all its welfare units have been fitted with solar panels, reducing reliance on and use of diesel generators by 40-60%, depending on the season.

Other improvements include the installation of 280 solar panels on the head office roof to generate 74% of EMS’s electricity consumption and the addition of EV charging units and an EV salary sacrifice scheme for employees.

The company is also exploring alternative heating sources to move away from natural gas usage. EMS is on track to achieve net zero status by 2045, five years earlier than the UK Government’s target.

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It’s very important for us as a company to do everything we can to make the world more
sustainable. As our investment partner, LDC understands this and we’ve made far
more progress working together than we would have been able to do alone.”

Keith Austin, Founder

In February 2024, EMS announced the appointment of Dr Clare Grace as Chief Executive Officer. Dr Grace joined from PAREXEL International, where she served as Chief Patient Officer. This appointment is part of the company’s long-term succession planning.

Non-Executive Viewpoint

Christa Echtle is currently Non-Executive Director at EMS. She has 20 years’ experience working with healthcare companies with private equity investment. 

Read her view on how Non-Executives can add value to healthcare businesses.

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