“We just keep on pushing the boundaries of innovation.” Rod Aaron Gammons, CEO of Rotolight, is a true disruptor within the professional lighting industry. His business has a seemingly inexhaustible pipeline of award-winning products, and provides lighting and special effects for Hollywood blockbusters and Netflix series alike.

“We expect a year-on-year growth rate of 35% until 2026,” he says. Since being part of The LDC Top 50 cohort in 2019, he has taken the bold step of licensing his patented tech out to rivals. Gammons says: “Although we are small, we are agile and when we have an idea, we can bring it to market within 18 months. I’m a passionate photographer and filmmaker, so I use these lights myself, which is a key advantage when coming up with new ideas.”

What’s the secret to your success?

I believe in continual improvement and try to set myself personal goals all the time. For example, I did an executive MBA a few years ago, and spent time last year delving into the world of pay-per-click marketing, so I could better understand the digital side of the business. To be successful, you need to stay curious and keep striving to better yourself.

What’s been your smartest move in recent years?

Our biggest competitor is in the FTSE 250 with a market cap of £500m. We employ just 22 people, but we own the largest patent portfolio in the lighting industry, with 40 granted patents. Since featuring in The LDC Top 50, we have started licensing out some of our core technologies to our competitors.

What is your ambition for Rotolight?

I believe we can become the biggest LED lighting company in the film and photography industries. We will do that by continually being first to market with new innovations that are protected by patents.

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Being part of The LDC Top 50 raised my profile and validated all our hard work over the years. We win awards for our technology all the time, but we don’t have the time to enter many leadership or business awards, which made this all the more special.”

Rod Aaron Gammons