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Private Equity and the role of an FD

26 Jul 2021

For a Finance Director or CFO, private equity isn’t just a way of raising growth capital. It can allow you to focus on where the business is going rather than getting distracted by more short-term concerns.

This is especially true in the current climate, where the rest of the management team may likely be focused on getting staff back into the workplace and COVID recovery plans.

Private equity helps open up growth opportunities whether they’re international, organic or acquisitive and there are many different reasons to choose private equity investment including to support an ownership change such as enabling a management team to increase shareholding, allow shareholders or owners to divest and/or de-risk and open up succession and retirement options. It can also provide a supportive stepping stone to a business eventually completing a full sale to trade or an IPO.

Download a short guide and we’ll explore why you could consider private equity and how to prepare your business for private equity investment, and what to do afterwards.