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In choosing LDC, you will be in good company. Over 600 management teams across the UK have chosen LDC’s flexible approach to private equity over the past 35 years.

Every one of those growth journeys is different but they all have two things in common: ambition and partnership. We will get to know you and your business, backing you to achieve your business ambitions.

Building a
valuable partnership

As the private equity arm of Lloyds Banking Group, our approach is different. We put management teams at the centre of what we do – this has proved successful for both LDC and the business leaders we’ve backed. Hear from them below.


What makes LDC different?

What makes LDC different?

We back management teams

No-one knows your business better than you. That’s why the ambitious management teams we back continue to lead their businesses – taking them from strength to strength.

With the right balance of challenge and support, we provide flexible capital as either minority or majority shareholders, as well as guidance to help you deliver your key objectives.

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What makes LDC different?

We understand business

With 90 companies from every sector of the UK economy in our portfolio, we know an ambitious business leader when we meet one. We back the best business leaders, no matter what sector they work in.

And our experienced network of non-executive directors is there to offer you a sounding board and help you build connections.

Whether you’re the founder of a video game developer or the head of holiday cabin business – we’ll work to understand your objectives and your business.

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What makes LDC different?

Our proven track record

You want to make sure your private equity partner has the experience to match your ambition.

We’ve backed over 600 management teams since 1981, helping them make their vision a reality.
And our award-winning approach has helped our portfolio to grow and returned over £2bn of proceeds in the last three years.

So you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

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What makes LDC different?

We’re regionally connected

You can’t understand UK business without understanding the local communities they operate in.

Our teams are based across 12 key locations – from Aberdeen to Cardiff, via Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and more.

Having people on the ground gives us a different perspective to other private equity firms. We’re well connected, often knowing the same people. And we’re always close by.

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What makes LDC different?

Our Value Creation Partners

You lead the way – and we’ll be right beside you, providing the support and guidance your business needs to grow.

Our team of Value Creation Partners (VCP) can help you make your businesses more efficient and agile – delivering measurable commercial outcomes to support future business growth.

We can offer you support on operational improvements to make a difference in areas from IT to sales and marketing or cash collections and working capital.

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What makes LDC different?

We’re committed and flexible

As the private equity arm of Lloyds Banking Group, we’re not like other private equity firms.

There’s no uncertainty as to where your capital is coming from. We don’t have to focus on fundraising. We don’t have a set fund cycle. So we can be more flexible, supporting you through ups and downs.

And, we continue to invest in times of uncertainty, with £1.2bn available for our private equity partnerships in the next three years.

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What makes LDC different?

We understand ambition

We don’t just back ambition at LDC, we champion it.

We look to recognise and celebrate ambition across the UK, in all its forms, whether through our Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders programme and The Lloyds Bank National Business Awards or our long-term partnership with World Record-holder Mark Beaumont to supporting ambition ‘on the ground’ in the areas we live and work.

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What makes LDC different?

We give something back

We support the communities we work in.

It’s why we’re Backing Youth Ambition in partnership with The Prince’s Trust – supporting 1,200 young entrepreneurs right across the UK over the next three years.

And it’s why we have long term partnerships with good causes on our doorstep, raising more than £2.6m for local charities like Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Camp Mohawk.

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LDC is committed to investing £1.2bn over the next three years

Being part of Lloyds Banking Group means we invest through the economic cycle. In 2008-2009, LDC continued to invest, backing 32 management teams – four times more than any other mid-market private equity firm.

We are also able to provide follow on funding and support for our portfolio businesses through the ups and downs, supporting them at every step of their journey.

Find out more about our long-term partnerships.
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Our criteria

We’re always looking for ambitious business leaders to partner with.

Based on our investment criteria, we tend to make an initial investment of between £10m and £50m in each of the companies we partner with. And we have up to £100m available for every partnership – so we’re able to support your growth strategy with follow on funding in the long term.

Talk to us about how we could work with you.

  • An exceptional and committed management team
  • A UK-headquartered business in any sector
  • A clear and ambitious growth strategy
  • A track record of year-on-year growth
  • Actual or forecast profits of at least £1m per year

We know your sector

Because we back management teams, we work across all sectors in the UK – find out how we’ve helped businesses in your sector grow.

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We’re in your area

Our experienced investment professionals are based across the UK – we understand the value of local knowledge and connections.

Meet the team

Our award-winning team is committed to backing the UK’s most ambitious management teams.

With in-depth experience in supporting and adding value to growing businesses.

Talk to us about how we can make your ambitions real.


Our teams, transactions and the achievements of our portfolio companies are often recognised by regional and national award programmes.

These awards highlight the winning partnerships we create with ambitious management teams. Read more
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Carl Castledine
CEO, Away Resorts
“The desire to work with LDC was the unique way they are financially structured, the level and the pace at which we could get funds to support our business ambitions.”
Terry Musson
Managing Director, Amberon
“Partnering with LDC has helped us to drive growth in our business more quickly than we anticipated, all without losing the Amberon way of doing things.”
Roger Bootle
Chairman, Capital Economics
“LDC have professionalised things. We’ve introduced a new CRM system, opened two new overseas offices, introduced new products and rejigged the sales process – it wouldn’t have come naturally to us.”
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