1. Understanding

We’ll meet and work with you to understand your business and ambitions. At the same time, you’ll get to know the people who would support you, we can share our relevant experience and how we like to work.

2. Offer letter

If we’re a good fit and think we can work together, we’ll explore what an investment might look like. We develop an offer letter that explains how we’d like to move forward with our investment in your business.

3. Due diligence

We continue to learn about your business and use external consultants to complete more formal due diligence on your company and market. This is to substantiate our positive view and identify future opportunities to create value.

4. Business plan

We work with you to understand and refine your business plan and objectives – based on insights from the due diligence and the opportunities created by our investment.

5. Legal agreements

Our legal partners will work together to draft the formal legal agreements relating to the investment.

6. Signing the deal

We all reach final agreement on the deal structure and financials. The legal documentation is signed and completed.

7. Sharing the good news

We work with you to agree how best to communicate the good news to your employees, customers and the broader industry.

8. Welcome to the LDC portfolio!

After the celebrations, you’ll be ready to get on with your growth plans.

One or two of the team you’ve worked with during the process will join your board as non-executive directors to support you, and you’ll have access to the wider LDC portfolio and teams too.