Benefit from the growth you generate

As part of a high-performing management team, you’re already driving growth for the business you run. LDC can support you with the capital to buy the business from your parent company or private owners – so you have a financial stake in the business’ success.

We can take either a minority or majority shareholding as part of our investment depending on how you’d like to structure the deal.

Bringing on board an experienced investor like LDC means we can now accelerate investment in our services and further unlock the potential we see across our business.”
Lois Heywood, Managing Director
Asset Solutions Group

Grow the business your way

Private equity can give you and your management team the capital and support to take control of the business you run, enabling you to grow the way you want to.

It can also help you unlock potential in your business removing barriers so you can realise the opportunity you can see.

To find out more visit our Management Buyout (MBO) page or explore our relevant case studies below.