Nuraz Zamal was a professional footballer with Sheffield United until an injury forced him to pivot his career. He worked on digital transformation projects within the NHS before starting his own consultancy in 2016. iMS Technologies now employs 62 people working remotely around the UK and Bangladesh, and has developed a digital dashboard to transform the way business and compliance is managed, audited and regulated.

Zamal gives 10pc of earnings to the iMS Foundation, which recently funded a well for a remote village in Uganda. “My ultimate aim is to build a successful business so I can distribute wealth to those who really need it.”

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My ultimate aim is to build a successful business so I can distribute the wealth to those who really need it.”

Nuraz Zamal
Founder, iMS Technologies


What is iMS Technologies’ USP?

We’re not just a consultancy, we’re a technology business. In 2018, we designed a software system to help businesses better manage all their operations and compliance, and grant external auditors secure access to give them insights prior to audits. We want to transform the compliance market and fast-track it towards the digital age.

What motivates you?

As a kid, I loved football. I was picked up by Oldham Athletic and then played for Sheffield United until I was 21 and had to quit due to an injury. That was really tough but it gave me the determination to succeed and give back to people. I set up the iMS Foundation in 2019 and funded a community borehole well in a remote village in Uganda, families had no access to clean water. We’ve just got planning permission to build a school there to provide kids with basic education as well as develop their digital skills. We hope to one day employ some of the students who graduate from there, this, as well as my wife and son gives me the motivation and determination to succeed.

Who has most inspired you?

My dad, who moved to the UK from Bangladesh and worked 14 hours a day in a cotton mill to provide for me and my six siblings. My hard work ethic comes from him.