Supporting your business growth

With the investment and support of LDC, your business can generate organic growth through a variety of strategies. It could be winning new contracts, developing new products or services, improving existing facilities or building new ones – even entering into new sectors or areas of business.

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With LDC’s support, we have expanded our offering to cement Littlefish as a market-leader for quality and innovation in the delivery of end user services, and we’ve continued to invest in our people.”

Steve Robinson, CEO

Doing what you do best

As your business grows, it’s even more important to focus on whatever brought your business success in the first place – rather than getting sucked into the administrative burden that comes with a growing business.

LDC can support you with capital investment and guidance so you can concentrate on generating top-line growth. Doing what you do best.

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We would like to thank the team at LDC for their support over the last four years, investment in the development of our technology platform, and for helping us to position Evolution at the leading edge of the market.”

Lee Streets, Founder and CEO

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