Welcome to the latest edition of The Year Ahead – an annual update on the achievements and ambitions of our business and the management teams we support.

At the start of 2021, I remember reflecting here how the previous year had been like no other, given the far-reaching consequences of the pandemic and Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Most business owners and leaders would probably agree that 2021 turned out to be another year of unprecedented change and challenge.

However, the last 12 months has also brought opportunity, and I’ve witnessed first-hand both the resilience and growth mindset of portfolio companies and our teams across the UK.

The successes of the management teams we support are as inspiring as they are humbling. Countless examples can be found here, each one proof that equity investing – when done right – can truly help business leaders to realise their ambitions and grow great businesses.

We have a broader role in the UK economy, as one of the UK’s most active investors.

I’m a firm believer that the mid-market – the army of medium-sized companies operating across the UK – will be critical to the future of the UK. It is the backbone of British business and the engine room of our economy, teeming with talent and packed with potential. Given their ability to scale, these are the companies that, with the right support, can turbo-charge the recovery.

That’s why we are accelerating our investment activity from 2022, with a pledge to back at least 100 new mid-market companies over the next five years. Bringing LDC’s approach to support more business leaders will help to create the world-class businesses that are vital to our growth and our vibrant local economies.

Having already created 20 roles across our own business in the past year to drive growth, we’re still hiring more talent as we continue to gear up to deliver on our commitment.

Whilst our role in supporting growth is clear, our investment activity can also make a meaningful contribution to the significant environmental and social challenges the country faces.

So, we’re taking some important steps to make sure our investment activity has the greatest positive impact possible. Our own ESG commitments, which build on those of our parent company Lloyds Banking Group, are laid out here, and will help to ensure LDC remains a force for good.

There is much to do. But as we face into the year ahead, with a commitment to grow both our own business and the businesses we support, I couldn’t be more confident of the positive difference we can make together.

Thank you all for your partnership over the past 12 months and here’s to a successful 2022.

Toby Rougier
Chief Executive

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LDC pledges to back at least 100 new mid-market companies over the next five years.”

Toby Rougier, Chief Executive