Since 2019, through our partnership with The Prince’s Trust, we’ve equipped almost 4,000 young people from a diverse range of backgrounds to start their own businesses. And now we’re going even further.

Expanding The Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme

To mark the fifth anniversary of our partnership, LDC and The Prince’s Trust launched Enterprise Advance an extension of the charity’s existing Enterprise programme.

Young entrepreneurs play a significant role in driving growth, fostering innovation, and shaping the future of the UK economy. Enterprise Advance, co-developed by LDC, will equip them with the tools, skills, and funding to sustain and grow their businesses. Entrepreneurs can now draw on the expertise of LDC employees, our portfolio companies, and wider network of business leaders.

Our support for the Enterprise programme will provide up to 10,000 young people from a diverse range of backgrounds to start, sustain and grow their own businesses.

Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

To support the launch of Enterprise Advance, we spoke to LDC employees and business leaders in our network and asked them to share their top tips for young entrepreneurs growing a business. From finding your passion to being patient and playing the long game, they share tangible and practical advice for budding entrepreneurs.

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Enterprise Advance takes the support we can offer even further – it’s a flexible, broad-ranging programme that will help young entrepreneurs to go on and grow their businesses in those crucial early years after launching. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support and expertise of LDC.”

Jonathan Townsend, UK Chief Executive
The Prince’s Trust

LDC named The Prince’s Trust Partner of the Year

LDC has been recognised at The Prince’s Trust Partnership Awards as it took home the prestigious ‘Partner of the Year’ award in recognition of its ongoing support for the UK’s leading youth charity.

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Hands on Support from the LDC Team

Our partnership with The Prince’s Trust is also core to many company-wide initiatives and our employees continue to enjoy getting involved in a range of activities across the country. Uniting our team, portfolio companies and business networks behind our vision of a thriving youth enterprise economy.

Outside of the funding and support LDC provides to the Enterprise Programme, in the last 12 months, a number of young entrepreneurs have also been given the opportunity to network and promote their businesses and products at various LDC events, and LDC has commissioned and bought the work of a number of young artists to display in its network of regional offices.

Each year, we also take part in The Prince’s Trust’s Brilliant Breakfast campaign, where we host an event raising funds to support disadvantaged young women to live, learn and earn.

Princes Trust ambassador
Princes Trust ambassador
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Together with The Prince’s Trust, we’re creating a path for young business leaders that will empower them to contribute to the sustained growth of the UK economy.”

Toby Rougier, Chief Executive

Young Entrepreneur Stories

Networking opportunities to boost Frank’s Remedies

Kyle Frank set up his vegan skincare brand, Frank’s Remedies, with the support of the Enterprise programme in 2020.

He wanted to help others who had suffered with skin conditions and with the support of The Prince’s Trust, has established a successful and growing business.

Frank’s Remedies is now in its fourth year of trading, with retail listings in high street stores such as Superdrug and WHSmith’s, and is forecasting a turnover of £650,000 in 2025.

Highlighting Black identity in an inspiring way

In 2022, Nyomi launched her gift and stationary business, Sanaa Giftshop with support from The Prince’s Trust and its Enterprise programme.

Nyomi’s venture was inspired by a gap she saw in the market – products that highlight the Black identity in a new and inspiring way for all to enjoy.

Nyomi sells her products online, in selected stores across the UK and at craft markets. Nyomi said: “I’m now at a point in my business where I’d like to expand in terms of product range and outlets. Sustaining the business and increasing my customer base is vital.”

Olivia’s Entrepreneurial Journey

In 2019, Olivia launched her multi award-winning business, Lotus Maternity, which provides postnatal education, support and guidance to mothers and families.

Olivia’s business also offers postnatal programmes for organisations to support colleagues, managers and new parents returning to work following parental leave.

Olivia says, “The Prince’s Trust has been with me throughout my entrepreneurial journey with Lotus Maternity.”

Helping Rochelle celebrate her culture

Rochelle Ayele started working for herself when the hospitality sector closed during the height of the pandemic. With the support of LDC and The Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme, she turned her personal passion into a profitable business.

Rochelle went on to launch her self-titled art business – her award-winning artwork celebrates the joy of her culture.

“The Prince’s Trust helped me to understand so many elements of business that I wouldn’t have known if I were starting out alone.”
Rochelle Ayele

Backing Rebecca’s canine ambition

Rebecca Wilshere set up Two Dogs & Co with the support of the Enterprise programme.

Previously Rebecca had struggled with anxiety and depression but her two dogs, Charlie and Eli, helped her through this period and she decided to explore setting up a company to follow her canine passion.

With the help of The Prince’s Trust, Rebecca has turned her idea into a successful sustainable dog accessories business which has just opened its first high street store in Wells, Somerset.

Enterprise Award winner Kayleigh

Kayleigh, who suffers from ADHD and left home during her final year of school, started cooking to escape the challenges of everyday life.

With the help of The Prince’s Trust, Klee’s Kitchen has now moved into a permanent home in Gateshead and employs one full-time member of staff, two full-time apprentices and four delivery drivers.

The business’ progress and Kayleigh’s story earnt her the Enterprise Award at The Prince’s Trust Awards.

LDC, The Prince’s Trust & Texthelp

Martin McKay, CEO of previous LDC portfolio company Texthelp, understands first-hand the impact The Prince’s Trust can have on the entrepreneurial ambitions of young people.

He founded his education technology business when he was in his twenties, with support from The Prince’s Trust.

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LDC, The Prince's Trust & Texthelp