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Supporting The Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme

Backing Youth Ambition aims to help young people explore and launch their own businesses through start-up grants and additional funding for The Prince’s Trust’s Enterprise Programme.

We’re also providing practical support through volunteering, training and mentoring activity across our regional offices. Uniting our employees, portfolio companies and business networks behind our vision to create a thriving youth enterprise economy and a more prosperous future.

Research from The Prince’s Trust conducted in November 2021, revealed the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the aspirations of young people across the UK. Over half of young people (52%) have ‘lost confidence in themselves’, so it is now more than ever young people need our support. You can read more about the research that reveals an ‘aspiration gap’ here.

Our partnership forms part of our wider commitment to backing the ambitions of UK businesses and Lloyds Banking Group’s commitment to helping Britain prosper.

2021 Update

In the first three years, our partnership has so far supported more than 1,600 young entrepreneurs through funding, volunteering and fundraising activities across our regional teams and portfolio companies.

In October 2021, we supported The Prince’s Trust’s Brilliant Breakfast campaign, uniting to support young women and champion gender equality in the workplace. LDC hosted a virtual wellbeing breakfast for female employees which was accompanied by a bespoke breakfast box from a Prince’s Trust-supported business. Our portfolio company, Foundation SP also hosted a live event in London on the topic of Female Focus: Storytelling, Empowerment & the Power of Perspective.

Also, over the past two years, LDC employees across the UK have collectively recorded more than 40 million steps as part of The Prince’s Trust’s ‘Future Steps’ initiative to raise over £17,500 for young people.  Taking place in February each year, The Prince’s Trust’s ‘Future Steps’ initiative is a 10,000-steps-a-day challenge, which encourages participants to improve wellbeing while helping to transform young lives.

Looking ahead, we are excited to continue building the next generation of business leaders with The Prince’s Trust and to further our partnerships with local charities in the communities in which we work.

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The impact the LDC partnership has already made in such a short amount of time is remarkable.”
Partnership Director
The Prince’s Trust

LDC, The Prince’s Trust & Texthelp

Martin McKay, CEO of previous LDC portfolio company Texthelp, understands first-hand the impact The Prince’s Trust can have on the entrepreneurial ambitions of young people.

He founded his education technology business when he was in his twenties, with support from The Prince’s Trust.

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